Jeppe Kolstrup was born in the Disco Bay (Greenland) and raised in a little village in the north of Denmark. His first creations were horror-, gangster- and knight movies shot on his dads VCR-cam featuring his little brothers and a lot of ketchup. But in his teens Jeppe left his budding genre-movie career to play sensitive indie music.

After a detour to the Danish School of Media and Journalism the mystery of filmmaking pulled him back in again and he developed a conceptual story-telling style focusing on the details in the interpersonal drama told with both intimate and epic imagery.

Now working out of Copenhagen Jeppe puts his creative forces into music videos, commercials and short films. He've been working with brands and bureaus such as Carlsberg, Han Kjøbenhavn, The Royal Danish Ballet, Bang&Olufsen, Google, Peugeot, Citroën, Åkestam Holst and 72nd&Sunny.

2010 - Nominated as 'Best New Director' - Antville Awards 2010
2011 - The Good The Bad/030 - selected for the International Short Film Competition FIB Cortos.
2011 - Fallulah/Bridges - nominated at Bergen Internasjonale Filmfestival for best Scandinavian music video of the year.
2011 - The Good The Bad/030 - nominated at UK Music Video Award (UKMVA) for best international indie/rock video
2012 - The Good The Bad/030 - selected for SXSW, Texas.
2012 - The Good The Bad/030 - selected for World Wide Short Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
2015 - Broods/Bridges - nominated for a Ibiza Music Video Award
2015 - Broods/Bridges' - selected for the international short film festival CPH:PIX
2015 - Broods/Brigdes - nominated for a UKMVA.
2017 - The short film 'Tropical Island' - Vimeo Staff Picked + Video of the day at VOTD
2017 - 'Tropical Island' is nominated as Best Short Film of the Year at the IMVF ’17.
2018 - 'Tropical Island' – Nominated at Ibiza Music Video Award 
2018 - 'Tropical Island' - nominated for a Berlin Fashion Film Award for ’Best Personal Project’. 
2018 - ’The Danish Royal Ballet’ – nominated  for a True Award.
2018 - ’The Danish Royal Ballet’ – nominated for a CICLOPE Award.
2019 - Kranz&Ziegler feat. Say Lou Lou - Nominated for Copenhagen Fashion Film Award

Interview with Directors Notes about Tropical Island: